Historic Pub Crawl and Ghost Walk Tour

Houston has a fascinating history of ghost tales, and your tour guide has had thousands of people over the years on the edge of their seat during his stories. At each bar we’ll sample a local brew or specialty drink, and then move on the next bar. In addition to ghost stories we’ll learn a little bit about Houston history. You’ll enjoy a libation at some of Houston’s classic watering holes, and hear ghost stories and history at the same time. The Discover Houston Tours pub crawl tour is much more than just bar hopping. We’ve selected downtown bars that are rich in history, and also have a “spooky” past. We’ll also tell you about Houston’s founding, her early days as a frontier town, and what makes her the great city she is today. This Discover Houston tour requires a 48 hour Reservation, and is usually offered on Friday nights but with special arrangements is available 7 days a week. Also it’s not for children. Guests must be over 21 too. Please be prepared to bring identification. Many clubs will “card “you regardless of your age. Tours are $35.00 per person. We will limit our group to 8, with at least 4 guest.

The Discover Houston Tours reserves the right to remove any one from the tour without a refund who is obviously intoxicated, or becomes unruly.

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Discover Houston Tours will contact you 24 hours in advance if your tour will occur on your desired evening.